Thermal storage & exchange system consists of hot and cold salt tanks, heat exchanger, tubes, instruments, electric tracing, heat preserver and other auxiliary systems. The salt tank can store high-temperature molten salt to exchange with water through heat exchanger to produce superheated steam for high-quality power generation.
COSIN SOLAR can provide not only integrated thermal equipment and solutions, which have been proved on utility-scale projects, but also thermal process package customized per client’s request.
  • Equipment technical specification
  • Layout of equipment,
    platform and pipes
  • System process flow
  • Test points and control plan
Key Technologies
  • Safe and reliable process flow
    Anti-freezing, leakproof
    Intermittent operation, frequent on-off
    Coordination control of energy variation
  • Customized equipment of high reliability
    Frequent on-off
    High tolerance of thermal stress and fatigue
    Heat-resistance, corrosion resistance
  • Molten salt tank features
    Customized material and thickness design, expansion and thermal stress analysis
    Foundation heat dissipation (<50℃) and heat preservation optimization
    Reliable welding process, repairing and maintenance plan
  • Optimization of heat-exchanger-based load variation
    Ready for load variation
    Preheater, evaporator, steam drum, superheater, reheater
    Natural circulation/Forced circulation
    Single set/Double sets

Thermal Storage & Exchange System